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Frequently asked questions

Yes it is advisable to get your TV repaired. Best course of action would be to ask the service expert about the approximate life of the TV. An experienced technician can effectively judge your TV’s life and can advise you to get it repaired or not. Generally, repaired TVs do not pose the same problem in future, if repaired properly with original components. Some common problems like horizontal and vertical lines, no picture problem, no sound problem, Dead condition can be easily repaired.

It depends on the condition of the faulty part. If the part can be repaired, it generally costs quite between Rs 1000- Rs 2,500, depending upon the size of TV. However, if the part needs to be replaced, it depends on the brand/make of the TV. You will be adequately advised on this by the service technician.

TV nowadays is an integral part of our life. If you get your TV repaired by using the original components, your TVs life is not impacted or reduced because of the repairs. The reason being TVs do not have any mechanical wear and tear components. Rest assured, you can enjoy your favorite shows on your TV for a long time.

A broken TV screen cannot be repaired but it can easily be replaced with another original screen. This procedure does not impact or reduce the life of TV in any circumstance.

If your TV needs to be repaired frequently, it might be too old and thus it needs to be replaced. Ideally you should replace your TV with an upgraded model or you can exchange it if it is still under warranty.

If this kind of problem persists, your TV’s screen might be defective. It is also possible that the components working in synchronization with the screen are also faulty. You should contact a TV repair expert to solve this condition.

If you are not satisfied with the technician’s service, you can always give a call to our call centre. Our hard working and dedicated employees will work with you to get a speedy and satisfactory solution.

You should pay the technician directly after the service.

Your TV is a delicate item and also an indispensible one in your household. In order to prolong its life, you can take certain measures such as:

i) Never clean your TV with soap water directly: The TV is an electronic item. Any amount of water or soap, however small, can damage its internal components. Usually when you clean your TV directly with soap water, the water drips into the lower side components of TV thereby causing a short circuit in the components, thus rendering them unusable. To protect such condition, it is advisable to spray some liquid on a dry and clean cotton cloth and wipe your TV with it.

ii) Never keep your TV on standby for long periods of time: You should not keep your TV on standby mode for a long period of time as any stray or induced sudden current from your dish or cable can severely damage the TV components. So, it is advisable to always switch off the main line of TV.

iii) Protect your TV screen: A TV screen is one of the most delicate and expensive components of your TV (generally not more than 1-1.5 mm thick). One should not apply any undue pressure on the screen at any cost. Special care should also be taken while cleaning it or during transport.

Horizontal and vertical lines on an LED TV screen can be quite irksome and can hamper our viewing experience. It is one of the most common faults that come in a TV. Horizontal and vertical lines on an LED TV screen can be caused by a fault in T-CON Board, Scalar PCB, COF IC or Display Panel of the TV. Let’s understand all the terms in detail:

1) Faulty T-CON Board: T-CON board, also known as timing control board, is responsible for illuminating the LED lights of an LED TV. It receives information about pixels from Scalar PCB and decides when the illuminate and turn off a particular pixel to create a picture on the LED TV screen. When you T-con board is faulty, it is not able to create proper picture on the LED TV screen and thus shows horizontal and vertical lines on the LED TV screen.

2) Problem with Scalar PCB: Scalar PCB obtains picture information from the motherboard and converts it into pixel data to send it to T-CON board. Scalar PCB is where the actual picture data is created and if it is faulty, your LED TV repair expert will need to replace or repair the Scalar PCB. You can always call Tradikin to get an expert LED TV repair technician for your LED TV.

3) Damaged Cof-IC: Cof-IC connects your display screen to the rest of the components of your TV. It is the most common reason for horizontal and vertical lines on an LED TV screen. The Cof-IC can only be repaired by a “Tab Bonding Machine”, which is a special equipment designed specifically to repair Cof-IC. Tradikin has best Tab Bonding Machine and TV repair technicians in Delhi-NCR to repair Cof-IC. One of the most common reasons for damaged Cof-IC is water or moisture. Sometimes during monsoon or while cleaning your LED TV, a few drops of water can seep in through the display screen and can damage to Cof-IC, thus giving rise to the need for your LED TV repair.

4) Damaged Screen: If the moisture on screen is excessive, it can damage your LED TV screen, rather than damaging your Cof-IC. If your LED TV screen is damaged, there is no other solution than you get your LED TV screen replacement done. You should always contact a trusted TV repair expert like Tradikin to get your LED TV screen replacement.
If you want to read about horizontal and vertical lines on LED TV screen in detail, you can always read Tradikin blog telling the reasons for vertical and horizontal lines on LED TV screen.

Even before you start cleaning your LED TV screen, you should keep a few points in mind to ensure your safety as well as your LED TV's well being. Here are a few tips:
i) Switch off your LED TV: Even before you start cleaning your LED TV screen for any damage or smudges, you should switch it off. If your LED TV is switched on, it's electrical components can malfunction due to the moisture and can get faulty.

ii) Remove your LED TV from the power socket: You should always make it a point to remove your LED TV plug from the socket before you decide to clean your LED TV screen. We don't want you to get an electric shock while you are cleaning your beloved LED TV.

Here are a few points that you should keep in mind to avoid damaging your LED TV screen:
1) Take a soft cloth: Your LED TV screen is prone to minor scratches while cleaning, which can hamper your viewing experience. So, you should always use a soft cloth to clean your LED TV screen. You can also use a microfiber cloth (the one used to clean spectacles) to clean your LED TV screen.

2) Remove the dust with a dry cloth: You should make it a point to clean to upper most part of the dust from your screen with a dry cloth. A dry cloth works better than a wet one for cleaning dry dust, as it prevents the dust from sticking to the TV screen and also from seeping in through the sides into the main LED TV components. Sometimes an LED TV can malfunction due to excess dust in it. For that, you can always book an expert TV repair service technician from Tradikin.

3) Wet the cloth, not the screen: The sprayed water droplets seep through the side frame of the TV and damage the internal components of the TV. Most of the cases of vertical and horizontal lines on LED TV are caused by this. Instead, you should spray water on the cloth, make it moist, squeeze out the extra water from it, and wipe the oil strains off the screen by the moist cloth. Even after that if some water seeps through the TV screen, you can get it repaired in minimum costs from expert TV repair mechanic from Tradikin.

4) Use mild soap solution: If you feel that a particular oil smudge is too resistant to be cleaned only by a wet cloth, you can spray a mild soap solution on a soft cloth, wipe your LED TV screen from it, followed by a dry cloth.

5) Put minimum pressure on the screen: While cleaning your LED TV screen, you should make sure that you do not put much pressure on your TV screen. LED TV Screens are delicate and can break with the slightest pressure on a particular spot.
If you want to read in detail about the tips to clean your LED TV screen safely, you can read the Tradikin blog telling how to safely clean your LED TV sreen.

If your LED TV screen or display is blank and even on changing the channels and rising up the volume, you cannot hear any sound, then most probably there is a problem with your LED TV motherboard. When your LED TV motherboard is faulty, the TV standby light might come on but the screen might not be switched on. In that case, you can get your LED TV or LCD TV motherboard repaired by an expert TV repair technician near you, or you can get the motherboard replaced by the TV repair technician. You can read about it in more detail telling whyTV screen is blank and sound is not coming, but power is on.

Sometimes, it may be the case that you cannot see the display on your LED TV or LCD TV, but can hear the sound of the show coming on the particular channel. There can be a number of troubleshooting steps that you can take to diagnose the fault before you set out to find a reliable TV repair shop near me. Here is a small guide:

1) Click on the menu button: If you click on the menu button from your LED TV remote and the menu pops up on the screen, this means that your LED TV display is working fine. There is a problem with the input device of picture. If you are using a set top box, then there can be a problem with the HDMI cable or the set top box. In that case, instead of finding a reliable TV repair service center near me, you should call your set top box company to get it checked. If there is a problem with the input cable, try replacing the cable. You can also try troubleshooting it by removing the cable; waiting for 30 seconds and plugging it back in.

2) Try knocking lightly on the LED TV display: If even after pressing the menu button, nothing is coming on the LED TV screen, then you should try knocking on the display lightly. Make sure you do not knock aggressively on the display, as it might cause LED TV screen damage, which can only be replaced by an expert LED TV repair technician. If on knocking, you see white color stars on the screen, then your LED TV backlight is fine and there is a defect in your LED TV screen components like Cof-IC, Scaler PCB, or T-Con board. If you are wondering what these alien terms are, we have talked about them more here.. If any of these components of your LED TV screen are faulty, you can call an expert TV repair technician from Tradikin.

3) Faulty LED TV backlight: If on knocking on your LED TV screen, no stars are coming, then your LED TV backlight is faulty. You need not worry if your LED TV backlight is faulty. Instead of trying to find an LED TV repair mechanic near me, you can always call a LED TV repair mechanic from Tradikin.
You can read about it in more detail in this blog telling why TV screen is blank but sound is coming.

It can dampen our viewing experience if sound stops working on our Samsung or Sony TV. The no audio or sound stopping working issue in TV is one of the most common and irksome issues in our TV, be it the famous brands like LG TV, Sony TV or Samsung TV, or the newer players in the market like Micromax TV, MI TV, VU TV etc. So, we at Tradikin decided to make it easier for you to troubleshoot no sound coming from TV issue by listing out some common problem with sound in today’s LED TV and LCD TV. No sound coming in TV issue can be caused by issue with input source, faulty TV speakers or problem with TV motherboard. So, if you are wondering how do you get the sound back on your TV, here are some issues that you might need to check for:

1) Issue with input source: Our new age Sony LED TVs and Samsung LED TVs depend on an input source such as an HDMI cable or through a steaming dongle. You might connect your set top box through the HDMI cable, or your streaming dongle, or maybe a USB. No sound through HDMI is also a common problem faced by our LED TV. So, if there is LG TV sound stopped working, you should check the input source. Try removing the HDMI cable and re-plugging it. If it still doesn’t work and our LED TV sound doesn’t come back, try changing the input cable or talk to your cable provider to check problems in Set top box.

2) Faulty LED TV speakers: Sometimes sound in our LED TV can stop coming due to faulty TV speakers. The new age LED TVs sometimes have multiple speakers and there might be a chance that some or all of the speakers are faulty. Some of the most common reasons for LED TV speakers getting faulty are excessive dust in speakers, failure due to moisture in speaker, or excessive use in very high volumes. One of the handiest tips to prolong your LED TV speaker life is to always use it at a volume level less than the maximum level. Even if your speakers get faulty, instead of trying to find any LED TV repair shop near me, you can call an LED TV or LCD TV repair expert from Tradikin.

3) Problem in motherboard of LED TV: Another common reason due to which no sound is coming in your LG TV, Sony TV or Samsung LED TV is due to a faulty motherboard. Sometimes, the chips or circuits ensuring delivery of sound from input source to TV speakers get faulty, thus facing the problem of no sound coming from TV. If you want to get sound back on your TV, you can either get your TV motherboard repaired from a trusted TV service center near you, or instead of going through the hassle, you can just call a professional TV repair expert from Tradikin.
You can read about it in more detail related to no sound coming in TV.

Our TV is not just a piece of machinery in our house, it’s a family member. It has more memories attached to it than any other piece of machinery. Our TV has seen all the remote fights between siblings, our tears when our favorite TV serial character dies and our happiness when the hero beats the villain. It’s not easy to discard your old LED TV when it’s faulty and buy a new one. So, before you set out to find the best TV Repair service provider near me, ask yourself these questions to make a sound decision on whether to repair your LED TV or replace it.

1) How old is your TV?: Our older TVs tended to be durable and long lasting. The old CRT TV and the early LCD TV is famous for being durable. However, after the old CRT and LCD TV, the TV technology has taken a major leap with the new age smart LED, OLED and QLED TV. So, as a thumb of rule, if your TV has older than 7-8 years and you need to get your TV Repaired, instead of finding a reliable TV Repair service center near me, you should discard it and get a new one.

2) Has your TV been repaired before?: Our LED and LCD TV is a delicate piece of technology and may get problems like TV screen issues, motherboard problem, water damage, power supply issue, horizontal and vertical lines on TV screen, sound issues, restart problems, among others. As a rule of thumb, if your TV has needed repairs at least 2 times previously, it’s probably an indication that your TV life is nearing an end. In that case, instead of investing a few thousands to get your old LED TV Repaired near me, you should buy a new one. Also, note that by repairs, we don’t mean repairs due to physical damage like broken LED TV screen, but rather technical issues you faced in your TV.

3) What is the cost of repairs?: This is one of the major factors that we need to consider before trying to find out best TV Repair shop near me. If the cost of repairs is more than 70-80% of the cost of the current price of your TV, you should buy a new one instead of getting it repaired. This is due to the simple logic that if you are planning to spend that amount of money, instead of getting an old TV repaired; buying a new TV makes more sense.
You can read about it in more detail here.

The new age TV coming in the market has become ever so smart. With Wi-fi connectivity, along with android operating system with as much as 16 GB of RAM, our new smart TV is no less than a computer. However, with advancements in technology, the failure rate of TV has also gone up. The modern TV, though smart, is very delicate and susceptible to failure and damage. One such common fault that comes in modern TV is Restart Problem in TV. Be it the famous Samsung LED TV and Sony LED TV or the newer players in the market like Micromax or MI TV, every TV can face the issue of continuously rebooting. So, if you are facing restart problem in Samsung LED TV or restart problem in Sony LED TV, we at Tradikin have bought you a guide to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem.

1) Problem with input source: If your Samsung, Sony or LG TV is getting rebooted or restarted continuously, then there is a chance that there is a problem with your input source. An input source can be a set top box, a streaming dongle or a pen drive. If it's audio and video supply is getting disrupted continuously, then your TV might seem to have restart problem, even though the TV might be working fine. To check if there is any problem with your input device, you should check the connecting cables, like VGA or HDMI cables and also try connecting the input source to another TV in your house.

2) Problem with motherboard: Motherboard is the brain of your TV. It consists of all the components like microprocessor, RAM and software. If you are facing booting issue with your LED TV, there is a high chance that your motherboard is faulty. The most common component that gets faulty in a TV motherboard is the microprocessor. If your motherboard is faulty, you can get your Samsung TV motherboard replacement or Sony TV motherboard repairs done from Tradikin.

3) Problem with TV software: As the software in our TV are getting complex and heavy, so is the chance of their corruption or being infected from virus. Sometimes, when the TV is switched off during software update, we face the problem of TV software corruption. The most common symptom of a corrupt software is that it gets stuck on the smart TV screen. As soon as you switch on your TV, the smart TV boot up screen comes, and the TV is restarted. In some cases, it is possible to reinstall the software in the TV motherboard. However, if the software corruption problem in TV motherboard is not solved, then it's best to contact an expert TV repair technician from Tradikin!
You can read about it in more detail in this blog related to restart problems in TV.

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