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Frequently asked questions

Yes it is advisable to get your TV repaired. Best course of action would be to ask the service expert about the approximate life of the TV. An experienced technician can effectively judge your TV’s life and can advise you to get it repaired or not. Generally, repaired TVs do not pose the same problem in future, if repaired properly with original components. Some common problems like horizontal and vertical lines, no picture problem, no sound problem, Dead condition can be easily repaired.

It depends on the condition of the faulty part. If the part can be repaired, it generally costs quite between Rs 1000- Rs 2,500, depending upon the size of TV. However, if the part needs to be replaced, it depends on the brand/make of the TV. You will be adequately advised on this by the service technician.

TV nowadays is an integral part of our life. If you get your TV repaired by using the original components, your TVs life is not impacted or reduced because of the repairs. The reason being TVs do not have any mechanical wear and tear components. Rest assured, you can enjoy your favorite shows on your TV for a long time.

A broken TV screen cannot be repaired but it can easily be replaced with another original screen. This procedure does not impact or reduce the life of TV in any circumstance.

If your TV needs to be repaired frequently, it might be too old and thus it needs to be replaced. Ideally you should replace your TV with an upgraded model or you can exchange it if it is still under warranty.

If this kind of problem persists, your TV’s screen might be defective. It is also possible that the components working in synchronization with the screen are also faulty. You should contact a TV repair expert to solve this condition.

If you are not satisfied with the technician’s service, you can always give a call to our call centre. Our hard working and dedicated employees will work with you to get a speedy and satisfactory solution.

You should pay the technician directly after the service.

Your TV is a delicate item and also an indispensible one in your household. In order to prolong its life, you can take certain measures such as:

i) Never clean your TV with soap water directly: The TV is an electronic item. Any amount of water or soap, however small, can damage its internal components. Usually when you clean your TV directly with soap water, the water drips into the lower side components of TV thereby causing a short circuit in the components, thus rendering them unusable. To protect such condition, it is advisable to spray some liquid on a dry and clean cotton cloth and wipe your TV with it.

ii) Never keep your TV on standby for long periods of time: You should not keep your TV on standby mode for a long period of time as any stray or induced sudden current from your dish or cable can severely damage the TV components. So, it is advisable to always switch off the main line of TV.

iii) Protect your TV screen: A TV screen is one of the most delicate and expensive components of your TV (generally not more than 1-1.5 mm thick). One should not apply any undue pressure on the screen at any cost. Special care should also be taken while cleaning it or during transport.

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