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you can search any product, business and service on the website in 2 ways:

through the search bar: the search bar is based on keyword search. put in anything that you need, be it product name, service name, company name, company address or phone number. our smart search will bring out the best result suitable for you.

search through categories: if you are not sure of what you want to search, no need to worry, our carefully selected categories are there to help you search out the best thing you need. just click on “all categories tab and select the category that is best suited for your needs.

to list your business, just follow the following simple steps and experience a growth in your business like never before.

            i.  click on the add listings button.

            ii.  create your account by adding your name, phone number and email-id.

            iii.  verify the phone number by otp.

once your account is verified, you are ready to add your company details and category. along with all the products you have to offer.

our advanced data entry system makes sure that your company gets listed to ensure maximum exposure to the customers.

we at tradikin value our customers and aim to build long term relationships with them. so, you will start getting automatic reminders through mails 5 days before your listing expires.

i case you do not renew your listing before it expires, worry not, your listing will still be active on tradikin as a free listing, however you will not be able to enjoy the premium benefits of our paid listings until you activate it again.

our advice: make sure to renew your listing before it expires to continue experiencing the magical growth in your business.

currently, tradikin is offering 3 plans for paid listing:

           1.  rs 100(for 1 month or 30 days)

           2. rs 500(for 6 months or 180 days)

           3. rs 900(for 12 months or 360 days)

tradikin's unique business partner program provides you the opportunity to earn some extra money by referring your friends and acquaintances to list their business with us or become our business partner. to become our business partner, simply click on the “be our business partner” button and build your profile. don’t forget to add in your account details, so that you can avail your referral money in your account.

once your profile is completed and activated, you will receive your unique referral id. make sure that your friends put in your referral id while registering, for you to avail the referral benefits.

to help you understand how referrals work, we will take the help of our imaginary, yet trustworthy friends a, b and c. all three of them can either be business partners, free business lister, or paid business lister.

case 1: when b registers with a's referral id (a refers b).

a gets 20% (from tradikin) of the money paid by b.

case 2: when c registers with b's referral id (b refers c).

b gets 20% (from tradikin) of the money paid by c. at the same time, a gets 5% (from tradikin) of the amount earned by b.

note: a will get 5% of the amount earned by b when the total amount earned by b i at least rs 1,000.

in order to redeem your referral amount in your bank account, you need to have a minimum of rs 1000 in your referral wallet. you can then request to transfer the money to your bank account by clicking on redeem money button in your profile. you will then get the amount you requested within 2 business days.

in case you didn't get the money you requested for, kindly submit your request with our customer care team, and we will make sure that we solve the problem within 2 business days.

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