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How To Diagnose Laptop Screen Problems ?


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the screen is the most imperative part of a laptop. is your laptop screen broken? a broken laptop screen is the most horrifying thing to a laptop owner to imagine with respect to repair cost or replacement. but if you want to solve laptop problem on your own then here are some steps to fix laptop issues.
1.) no screen display
we will start with the most common laptop screen issue is no display or black screen. there are varieties of the reason behind this problem.
first of all, you have to check when you turn on your laptop is on, whether your hard disk or fan is running or not. there are two main causes of this problem either motherboard has faulty hardware parts or there is a defect in led/lcd. follow the given instruction step by step.
step 1: display check
firstly check the screen if it is really causing the problem. you can check this by connecting the laptop with a computer monitor or smart tv. turn your device again if it boots up the device then for sure there is an issue in your laptop screen. it is easy to repair a defective led or lcd. check whether your laptop is in warranty or not. if it is a warranty then get it repaired by them only. if not you can contact a laptop repair professional and get it repaired by them.
step 2: ram check
faulty ram is one of the major causes of no screen display problem. this problem can arise because of a dirty memory stick or it may be broken or needs replacement. you can solve the ram issue by following steps:
1.)    switch off your device
2.)    remove power supply and battery
3.)    search your ram access cover
4.)    remove memory chip
5.)    clean chips/sticks
6.)    put everything back into a laptop
7.)    turn on laptop
2.)lines & dots on screen
if your laptop screen has some visible dots or lines. the main cause of the problem is due to trapped or wedged pixels. try to press it, then it will loosen the pixel and lines will disappear. if it doesn’t remove from this method then there is only one solution replacing the screen. if lines and dots are not causing too much hindrance then there is no need to replace the screen.
3.) distorted  screen
if your laptop screen is showing the wrong color, divided screen or jumbled display. this issue is due to a defective gui(graphics processing unit). you can’t repair it on your own. contact with laptop repair professional and get it repaired.


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