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Common Laptop Problems & Their Solutions


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in this era, when technology overcomes the workforce and people become totally dependent on it. as in the rushing / fast moving life, they want everything to be done in just a few clicks. they do not want to spend much time on anything. it is true that technology succeeded in its objectives with flying colors as it provides the people with various devices like pc, desktop, laptop, and mobile phones to fulfill their fundamental needs. nowadays we are so much dependant on our laptop for work, school or just to play games. some people think that if a laptop is damaged then it can be repaired by a professional only. but before going to laptop repair shop. do read our article and learn some solutions to common laptop problems.

1. battery is not charging

  it is the most common issue in laptops. the major reason is either your battery is dead or its dc jack is loose.

solution: first of all take out the battery and place it back after some seconds. if this method doesn’t work then take out the battery and don’t place it back. if your laptop is working fine without battery then there is an issue with the battery only. so buy a new battery and replace it with the existing one. in case if your problem is solved by simply adjusting the plug and there is an issue in dc jack. then replace it with the broken part.


2. black screen

     if your laptop is not displaying anything but you can hear the voice of the laptop fan, there is a great chance either you have a broken motherboard or memory.

solution: firstly unplug the power and remove the battery. then after 30-60 sec plug the power, place the battery back and reboot it. if it is still not working then, unfortunately, either motherboard is broken or any memory module is broken.


3. no internet

laptops are notorious for losing connection to the internet. this is a major issue. so try some basic steps to solve this problem:

solution: make sure that the wireless button on your laptop is in on position. then reboot your router. if still, you are having trouble, then open the control panel and troubleshoot network connectivity.


4. sudden shutdowns

this is the scariest issue when your laptop goes off after using it for an hour or two. this problem arises due to overheating.

solution: open your laptop and clean it properly. dust can clog the fan and heating sink. so do clean your laptop with a brush.


5. laptop running slow

slow performance is the most common issue in a laptop. this can be due to less space in hard disk. lack of ram can also be a reason. because memory is vital for the smooth functioning of the laptop.


solution: upgrade your laptop ram


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