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How To Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer ?


Category : computer-repair

there is nothing worse than watching a low battery icon on your laptop. laptops are utilized frequently and expensive to replace. do you want to make your laptop battery last longer? the following are some key factors which will help you get longer battery life.
1. keep it clean on outside & inside both
dust, dirt, hair, crumbs are very harmful to your laptop. they can prevent your fan from working. so it is advisable to clean your laptop regularly with laptop cleaner. update your operating systems, apps and virus protection. uninstall apps which are not in use and delete unwanted files from your laptop. adding ram will help your laptop battery to last long.
2. keep the electric cord carefully
be careful while evacuating the power cord, yanking it out of the laptop from a distance will cause harm.
wrap the cord loosely in a figure eight pattern.
3. extend the life of battery
always remove the completely charged battery and put in back when in use.  store the battery away from direct heat and sunlight.
4. routine laptop maintenance
like your car, your laptop also needs regular maintenance. this will help the laptop to function smoothly.
monthly run circle cleanup and defragment device. you can find this option under accessories option. always make sure to turn off the screen saver before performing maintenance.
download virus protection software.
check disk error monthly and scans virus weekly.
5. treat the laptop with care
don’t scan or push the screen.
don’t close the lid when a pencil or pen is left on a keyboard.
keep your laptop away from foods and drinks.
purchase a waterproof laptop bag to carry a laptop during transportation.
don’t use damaged floppies.
if you are facing any issue, just talk to your tech support person.


these ways will help you to make the most of the battery you have. if you want to buy a new laptop then battery backup is one of your key concern.
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